The go-to destination for travellers to find affordable accommodations and great experiences in every college/university community in the world.

To achieve this we will be the answer to the question: What would happen if every college and university community in the world marketed their vacant beds and local experiences in one location online?


Breaking down barriers so everyone can learn to love travel

Who we are

Travellers at heart. We know that the experiences we’ve had seeing new places, meeting new people and immersing ourselves in new cultures has changed us for the better. Travel is the ultimate way to learn about the world firsthand and we want to help others experience that for themselves.

What we believe

Travel enriches lives.

Travel is good for the economy.

Everyone should have the opportunity to see and experience all that the world has to offer no matter their budget.

What we do

We not only help make travel on a budget possible, we also make it easy. Whether you’re a traveller who wants to visit somewhere new or a bed owner who wants to make your accommodation available for booking, we are working to make that possible from any device.


Travel done well is a profound life experience.  That’s an understatement. Travel is a unique individual experience, yet the real perspective and wisdom gained through travelling can be shared a lifetime over. Travelling broadened my perspective and gave me clarity on what life’s all about.  I love travel, business and problem solving.

Backpacker College brings these three things together.


Founder & President

Rob Evans has over 15 years of professional work experience in sales and business development for rapid growth startups and software companies. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Wilfrid Laurier University and has completed post-degree business courses in strategy, marketing and venture creation.

Rob’s experience includes leading business development and software sales initiatives to colleges, universities and renowned global brands for notable companies including: Desire2Learn, LiveHive Systems, Virtek Vision International as well as  consulting with Canada’s Technology Triangle to help build Waterloo Region as one of the finest places in the world to start a tech business.

He is passionate about entrepreneurship and is a long time travel enthusiast whose first passion is backpacking.