If you could bring anyone on an adventure with you, who would you bring and why?

Danielle answered as if it was an obvious question -“It would be my dog and my boyfriend!”. A teacher based in Norway, self-taught photographer, and a hiking and travelling enthusiast leaves Danielle with little extra time, BUT she was able to squeeze us in to talk travel.

When you travel, bring a camera (or even your phone) and take pictures. We’ve learned that “self-taught” can mean “absolute-pro” – Just take a look at these photo’s all taken by Danielle. Step one: You need to go to Beijing! “Everything is spectacular there”, she said. This was the location of her first official photo trip. What’s so special about Beijing, China? Well, if you have to ask – ” they have amazing architecture”! Step two and three, keep travelling.

2018 is full of travel enthusiasts (like us) and each one has their own perspectives on the world of travel. Is each experience the same? No, the beauty is in “the differences.” “The best part about travelling is seeing how different each country looks. Some countries have similarities, but they’re always so different

And nature has created so many breathtaking places.” – Danielle

With natural beauties and man-made wonders alike it’s no surprise that if Danielle could visit China again, she would. Like Danielle, would you “rent a car and discover all the cool places in China!”?

As travellers, we’re always either reminiscing on where we’ve been or where’s next on the list. With all the magic of Iceland, we’re excited to hear that’s Danielle’s next stop, and hope she shares her stories with us!

Take away:

1. Travel with dog and partner = best

2. Take up photography and go to Beijing

3. Follow Danielle on Instagram, and be inspired.