Happy #FeatureFriday everyone! This week’s Friday Feature is with Chiara (@chiaramarabese). Having travelled her entire life, check out everything Chiara has to say about her adventures below!

Where was your first trip to? What about it stands out most when you look back?

I can barely remember my first trip as I was too young when I first started travelling; ever since I was born, I have always travelled with my parents around Italy and this is the reason why I can’t stop travelling now. However, my ‘first’ trip was to London when I was 13 and that is probably one of my favourite travels ever because it was the first time I travelled without my parents and it was my first time on a plane. Since then, I always feel happy when I’m on a plane.

How do you prepare for your travels? Are you much of a planner or go with the flow?

Before going somewhere, I always try to plan everything by taking notes of the places I want to visit or the things I want to try, however, I always end up wanting to explore places with no maps nor plans: there’s nothing better than wandering with no destination through the streets of a new city!

What’s your favourite travel memory? What’s makes it stand out for you? 

I have lots of beautiful travel memories but one of my all-time favourites is when I went to Paris. I only stayed there for four days but it was so meaningful because there’s no better place to be with a special person, than in the city of love. We had the most amazing time exploring the city and all the monuments, trying typical French cuisine and making friends with some locals. I do wish to go back again.

Who is your ideal travel companion? Or would you rather go solo? And why? 

I have never travelled solo and I think I will never try. I think that one of the best things about travelling is to share your feelings with others. I do like travelling with friends and family but my ideal travel companion is my boyfriend for sure. We always agree on the things to do when we are abroad and I couldn’t ask for better travel companion!

Where to next?!

My next travel is to the Italian west coast and then to England. I am also planning to go to Iceland and maybe Canada this year and next September I am going to Japan.