Happy #FeatureFriday everyone! This week’s Friday Feature is with Helena(@helenagjessing)! Born and raised in Norway, Helena grew up travelling Europe and now enjoys travelling the USA while in school! Check out all she has to say about her adventures below!

Where was your first trip to? What about it stands out most when you look back?

I’m born and raised in Norway, so I travelled around Europe as a kid with my family. My first trip was to Spain. However, I was a baby and I don’t remember much of that trip. Luckily, my dad took me back a few years later and I have nothing but fond memories from that trip!  I remember my dad gave me a disposable camera and it was full in no time with pictures of all the neighbourhood cats and animals haha.

How do you prepare for your travels? Are you much of a planner or go with the flow?

To prepare before travels I always make sure my “babies” are charged and ready to go. And my babies are of course my cameras! I can’t go anywhere without my GoPro and my Canon 1000D! The GoPro is a must for capturing all the amazing moments for my future YouTube travel video, and the camera to get those Instagram photos! Other than that I make sure I have with me the necessary hiking and activewear! I love to explore new places by foot.

What is the best part about travelling for you? Why?

The best part about travelling is seeing something new for the first time! The best feeling is the feeling you get when you hike up a top or mountain and see a view you haven’t seen anything like before. It makes me feel so small in this beautiful big world we live in. And it reminds me of how much I haven’t seen! It’s an indescribable feeling that I’m 100% addicted to!

What place have you travelled to that you would like to visit again? What spot there would you visit first?

Hmm, that’s a difficult one, because I want to go back to all the places I’ve been for different reasons. I would have to say Germany! I haven’t been there since I was a kid. My grandma grew up there and I would love to go to the town where she grew up and explore Germany!

Where to next?!

Realistically, with school starting in a week, the next destination will probably be somewhere in Utah. My boyfriend and I go on camping trips to Utah very often. We love the nature and hiking possibilities that Utah offers, plus it’s close enough to drive from Southern California for a weekend getaway! Zion national park is probably my favourite. So knowing us, we’ll go back there very soon! 🙂