Happy #FeatureFriday everyone! This week’s Friday Feature is with Michelle (@sunsetsnsunshine). Inheriting the travel bug from her mother, Michelle is a wanderlust-er whos been to more than 30 countries! Check out all she has to say about her travels below!

What was it that inspired you to start travelling? (A family member, a friends, something else?)

Growing up my family travelled often as my parents are originally from Europe so we would visit there and other places frequently. My mom has also always been my travel inspiration. She has travelled extensively all over the world her entire life and I most definitely inherited the travel bug from her.

How many places have you been to and what’s on your bucket list of places to still visit?

I’ve been to 35 countries and counting. My next wanderlust wishes are to make it to Africa, Iceland, the Philippines, India, and Russia. Although just like most travellers it’s my wish to see everywhere really!!! 🙂

What places have you travelled to that you wish to go back to again?

Bali and Italy both have my heart and I will definitely be back. I actually really enjoy re-visiting places that I love just as much as I like to explore new spots. It’s kind of like having your favourite meal over and over again, and who doesn’t love that!?

Sometimes travelling can take an emotional toll on a person. How do you keep upbeat and healthy when adventuring about?

Yoga and meditation always help to keep me centred and grounded while travelling. Both are easy to do anywhere. I also love to journal while I’m abroad. I find it to be an extremely healthy habit for your emotional health to and it’s also a great way to remember all of the incredible experiences and feelings that take place while visiting a new spot.

Where to next?!

I’m currently travelling through Europe- Italy, Greece, Serbia and Paris. After that I’ll be getting settled in the States again in San Diego but definitely plan to have lots of travels worked into my schedule still. I will be organizing yoga travel retreats around the world at some of my favourite destinations, so stay tuned if you’d like to join me! 🙂