Happy #FeatureFriday everyone! This week’s Friday Feature is with Natala (@natalaianushevna)! Hailing from Poland, Natala has been travelling her whole life! Check out what she has to say about her adventure below!

Where was your first trip to? What about it stands out most when you look back?

I have travelled ever since I remember. I think my first international trip was when my parents took me to Hungary when I was 6. I was born in Poland in the 80’s and we were only allowed to travel to other Soviet block countries back then. Looking back I think it’s amazing that we can now travel anywhere we want!

If you could bring anyone on an adventure with you who would it be and why?

If I could bring anyone on an adventure, I would definitely take my boyfriend! Unfortunately, his job doesn’t allow him to travel too much, so we only make short trips together. He is a great partner for all outdoor adventures no matter if that’s hiking mountains, kayaking or exploring unknown places in our own country. Normally I prefer travelling alone.

What is the best part about travelling for you? Why?

The best part about travelling is learning about how beautiful and varied our planet is. Meeting people who are different from me in so many ways is also incredibly inspiring. It allows me to look at my own life from a totally new perspective and helps to understand that there are so many possibilities for me that I have never even realized before!

What place have you travelled to that you would like to visit again? What spot there would you visit first?

When I find a place I really like I usually try to spend a lot of time in there and return multiple times to explore it properly. It was the case with Italy, Prague, Norway and most recently Spain. This year I visited South West of U. S. and was impressed by the wild nature of Utah the most. I regret I only could spend a few days in this incredible state and only saw a tiny bit of it. I definitely want to return to Utah and spend more time to experience its unique beauty!

Where to next?!

I’m going to Switzerland next week to hike the Alps and climb some via ferratas. Then I’m planning a month trip to Portugal in October. In November I’m flying to Thailand to escape from the winter cold. Laos and Cambodia are next on the list.