Since the beginning of time, people have sought out the safest methods of travel.

The indigenous Maori of New Zealand have always had a strong faith in nature and their roots as they have always been travellers. A quick glance around the globe will remind you of their requisite heritage that undoubtedly relied heavily on seafaring and travel.  As an island nation with a small population, there’s a strong sense of community. Their people look out for one another, have a strong sense of sharing and are always giving back.

The Maori believe this symbol – a natural fish hook shape carved from bone – protects travellers. Among their core beliefs is wishing good fortune and safety upon those who cross oceans or water to seek new ways of life. Today, it can just as easily refer to those seeking new experiences.

I was given this fish hook from a family member and I proudly wore this the first time I crossed the ocean. That sentiment and exciting feeling when that one gets when travelling is a privilege that I’ve had and continue to share the same enthusiasm and wish of safety for others.

My hook has been with me on my many journeys over the years.  Across North America, Australia, Afghanistan, Fiji, China, Malaysia, Italy, England and many other countries, it resulted in safe voyages and amazing experiences. Not only for me but for my sister to my sister-in-law Cathy, the fish hook has done exactly what it was supposed to.

I felt fashionable sitting on any beach, moving or exploring anywhere, but especially I felt a special connection to my family whenever wearing it.  My sister’s goal, like that of the Maori, was for safety when travelling.

Travellers are open to what people and experiences come their way and it’s always good to be mindful of taking care of yourself and helping others. With a bit of help, anyone can navigate the waters, trails or roads of wherever they’ve dreamed of going.

Today, you can use the magic of a fish hook or use the technology and services of Backpacker College app or website, to help you book and sleep safely in college locations – now also across the United Kingdom, while having that amazing life-changing travel experience.