Travel and Music. Good vibes bring us together.

Dancing, singing, listening or playing.

Stephen Tyler would say “life’s the journey not a destination”. Backpacking is a journey to compliment anyone’s life. Life is a series of ups and downs, ending with the most successful of us being loved by our friends and family. In my experience, the people we chose to interact most with, in school and afterwards, will result in the most profound outcomes of our lives. The spirit of travel is found in music.

Rob Driving in Australia

As with leaving college, leaving familiar friends, or seeking something new, travel can take a sad song and make it better. Backpackers are seeking good vibes and bringing our own. Few people travel for negative reasons. A backpacker wants to maximize life, by making a significant and positive change to their own, which can bring a transformative perspective to our place in the world.

Friends of mine were on a study term in Rome and were playing guitar and drinking wine in a piazza with some friends by a marvellous fountain. Locals were coming by to stop and listen, when this gorgeous woman dressed to the nines stepped up and asked, with colorful Italian vibrato, if they knew anything flamenco? Aghast, their deep Rolling Stones, Hip and 70’s rock repertoire were as helpful as a drum under water. Suddenly, one of them breaks into an inspired version of something resembling Spanish guitar, everyone loved it. The woman smiled something special. Just trying something new or unexpected around new friends can bring about a stranger’s smile or create that special moment.

Dancing to Daft Punk’s Around The World takes me to either my college bar the Turret with a half dozen friends and moving to the beat until my feet hurt or doing the exact same things at our favorite bar in Cairns where girls would go to meet guys. Listening to a great tune, surrounded by a great vibe, smiling at that pretty stranger… Music is a powerful thing.

Playing Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here can make me feel sad and reminiscent for friends or family not with me at that exact moment, but I look at it differently, that I’m paying tribute to them in a literal way. . Perhaps you have a special song that relates to you in the same way?

Rob and friends playing music

Starting my freshmen year I was 18. I didn’t exactly like dancing and could hardly carry a tune. Some of these have changed, especially if the vibe is right. Whether it be moving to an EDM beat, dancing to Tiesto or deadmau5, grooving to James Brown, channeling Mozart, crying to Cohen, brooding to Cash, or rockin’ to Sweet Child of Mine, the same energy found here is experienced through the spirit of backpacking.

Last weekend was the perfect example, I’ve learned enough in my life that sitting around a campfire long enough will make people either start singing or wish someone else did. It’s a scientific fact of life. Music, it’s what binds us humans together. Backpackers share this spirit too.