As I write this, I just returned from Memphis, the birthplace of Rock and Roll, after having spent a short amount of time in one of my favourite American cities with 6 of my university friends. We were celebrating knowing each other for, well, let’s just say a long time. This city is remarkable for lots of reasons. I’ll narrow it to two things: music legacy and it’s people.


Southern hospitality rings true to Memphis’ reputation and nearly everyone providing a service was exceptional (including 4 of 5 Uber drivers). Elvis died 40 years ago. Today, even some of our staff weren’t aware of how huge he is for music or pop culture. We were able to visit Elvis’ family home Graceland, strum some unplayed beauties at the new Gibson guitar factory, wander famous Beale street meeting new friends, and also see the haunting Lorraine Motel (now Civil Rights museum) where Martin Luther King Jr. was shot.

Lorraine Motel (now Civil Rights museum)

BB King’s All Star band was incredible live, their vocalist was born to sing. The best southern fried chicken in the world is probably Gus’s and I even had my life altered visiting Sun Studios. Due to what happened at Sun Studios in the 1950’s, American Congress officially declared it’s where rock and roll started: Elvis, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, U2 and countless others recorded here. Heck, even local Justin Timberlake knows what this town is all about. It’s convenient and friendly, and all this within 15 minutes of each other. Music lovers unite here. Travellers will love it too.

Guitar Sign in Memphis at Sun Studio

Thank you Memphis. Thank you very much.