Hi travel bug friends!

My name is Sarah Carnevale! Although I was born and raised in Canada, it has never been the place I have never considered ‘home.’ Home is everywhere and nowhere when you have left your heart in dozens of cities and countries around the world. Before I could even talk, at 11 months old I had my very own passport and had boarded international flights to England and Italy to visit my parent’s homes in Europe. I’ve had restless feet ever since.

If you sat down with me in a coffee shop (If I were to pick one, it would probably be in the south of Italy somewhere), I would pour my heart out to you and tell you the million reasons why I believe everyone needs to do a solo trip in their lifetime. At the age of 20, I boarded my first solo international flight and found myself in London living out my Lindsay Lohan/The Parent Trap dream. I immediately felt more at home in London in 3 seconds than I ever did in Canada after 20 years. This fueled my addiction to keep going. I toured around Europe for two summers in a row and then felt I had seen it, done it and wanted a change. Where would I go next?



After what I considered at the time, ‘the worst break up of my life’ I was completely fed up and run into the ground. I needed to escape for a while. I was on the bus to university one morning and got an email from a faculty member that was looking for students to spend a year teaching in China. I read the first two sentences of the email and didn’t even get to the end of it before I submitted my reply saying “I am interested. When do we leave?” I didn’t care if I was the only one who would be going, I just wanted a new adventure. I never considered China to be on the top of my travel list and suddenly I was packing my bags and getting sent photos of my new apartment. It was absolutely perfect.



Spending a year living in China was the experience I needed that permanently changed my whole perspective on life and the world in general. I was living in a world where more people owned a motorcycle than a car, it was normal to eat all 3 meals in a restaurant and suddenly, I was the cool blonde that locals would grab in the street and take selfies with me. I had plenty of holidays which allowed me to travel to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and then I finished off my year of work by begging my bosses to book me a one way flight to Sydney so I could finally see Australia.



By taking chances, risks and knowing I am a girl that is very capable of doing things all by myself and saying “yes” to opportunities I never imagined in my life would be presented to me, I am now 24 and have visited 30 countries on four different continents. My goal now is just to prove to others that this life is all possible to do if you want it badly enough.

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