Happy #TravelTuesday Everyone! This week’s travel Tuesday is with Katy (@freebirdkaty). A Canadian with a travellers heart – read all about her travels here!


What was it that inspired you to start travelling? (A family member, a friends, something else?)

I started to travel when I was 14, I am from Canada and went to France for three months on an exchange that changed my life.

How many places have you been to and what’s on your bucket list of places to still visit?

I’ve been to North America, the Carribean, Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa and Hawaii! Including Thailand, New Zealand, French Alpes, Kenya, Iceland, California, Whistler and many more! I still need to go to South America 🙂

What places have you travelled to that you wish to go back to again? 

Would love to go back to Africa and see more of the continent, I was in Kenya for a month with a charity and absolutely changed my life!

How do you plan your trips? What is is your process?

I try to find a reason for travelling whether it is a working holiday visa, seeing friends or for business.

Where to next?!

Who knows! In the French Alpes for now!


Want to know more about Katy? Check out her blog!