Happy #TravelTuesday Everyone! This weeks Tuesday Feature is with Kiersten (@boundless_brunette96)! A lover of castles 🏰 and sightseeing, read all about Kiersten’s adventures below!

Where all have you been to? What’s been your favourite place thus far?

Ireland, Nothern Ireland, Canada, Bermuda, Florida, California, Las Vegas. Ireland was magical and thus my favourite place I’ve ever been to.  

What’s your favourite travel memory? What makes it stand out to you?

My favourite travel memory was getting to Explore the Kylemore Abbey castle in Galway, Ireland. Seeing pictures of that place was what interested me in visiting Ireland. I’m a little obsessed with Castles.

What is the best part about travelling for you? Why?

The best part about travelling for me is sightseeing. I love to take pictures so getting to see beautiful scenery and awesome architecture is fun for getting really neat pictures.

What’s your dream destination? What’s drawing you there?

My dream destination is Paris. I love everything about Paris, the pictures I see from there make me so giddy and I know one day I will go there.

Where to next?!

I actually have a Caribbean cruise next April so I’m really looking forward to that and all the adventures!