Happy #TravelTuesday Everyone! This week’s Tuesday Feature is with Sophie (@sophiealexxander)! A Brit with a passion for travel read all she has to say about her adventures below!

Where was your first trip to? What about it stands out most when you look back?

My first solo trip (aged 11!) to Berlin to see my great Auntie. Getting on that plane by myself for the first time was terrifying but also set me up for life. I haven’t wanted to stop travelling since!

How do you prepare for your travels? Are you much of a planner or go with the flow?

Yes, I try to be super organized before a trip. I always make a list of things I want to see and do. But then I also love finding new places along the way.

What is the best part about travelling for you? Why?

My favourite part of travelling is seeing the sunset from all different parts of the world. I love nature and mountains and beaches and skylines. I’m a sucker for a view!

Who is your ideal travel companion? Or would you rather go solo? And why?

My ideal travel companion is my Canadian best friend! We met in Japan! We love photography and going on the same kind of adventures! I also love travelling solo!

Where to next?!

I have two opportunities coming up, I’m either going to be working in Dubai as a swimming teacher or working as a lifeguard on a cruise ship.